Walk in the right shoes

It’s important to buy the correct type of walking shoes and people are always asking me to make recommendations. It’s quite tough to give people specific recommendations for their shoes simply because everyone has different types of feel and styles of walking.

There are however some very basic things that you need to follow then you are picking out your new pair of walking shoes. If you follow these simple tips then you will certainly find the pair that suits you the best.

– Low supportive heels that round in at the back are perfect for walking. If you choose a thick heel then it will make your foot come down hard instead of roll, it will also have the negative effect of slowing down your momentum when walking which can lead to aching shins.

– A walking shoe needs to have a flexible sole and more give in the toe than running shoes do/ A flexible sole is essential because when walking your heel will hit the ground first and then role from heel to toe.

– The next thing you need to be looking out for is a show that is both breathable and also light weight. When walking the last thing that you want on your feet are heavy leather shoes.

– Take your time when you are shopping. Never go shoe shopping when you are in a rush because you will not make an informed decision. Walking shoes are important and will make your walking experience much better, making the wrong choice will lead to lots of aches, pains and blisters.

– Consider the cost. I really don’t believe that you should cut corners when choosing your walking shoes, you really do get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you can’t look out for some great discounts, I bought my last pair of walking shoes using groupon vouchers. I got a great pair of shoes for half the price, I couldn’t believe my luck!