Top Tips For A Family Ski Holiday Down Under

Our family loves going on ski holiday. You just can’t beat heading to the mountains to enjoy the snow for a week or two. If you are looking for a family trip full of fun, great memories and lots of laughs then skiing is for you. It does take a lot of consideration and planning but it is well worth your time because the results are superb.

We were thinking about our next skiing holiday this week, so I thought it would be a good time to share my top tips for a family ski holiday down under. I do hope they help you to plan a great holiday in Australia’s snow, if the perisher snow forecast is anything to go by there’s going to plenty this year!

Your Accommodation

All resorts in Australia have done a great job in gearing themselves up for families, so you won’t struggle to find somewhere good but doing some research is always a good idea. Make sure that which ever you choose advertises as being child friendly, because this will make you much more relaxed and your kids will have more fun.

We found it best to avoid staying in hotels because the kids never liked being confined to a room. So the options are self catering apartments or a lodge that has both a shared kitchen and lounge. In the lodges the kids will have a lot of space to relax and also make new friends.


Your Gear

I know for parents this might seem like something super obvious but you need to be well prepared with the right clothes. There’s nothing that can ruin a day more quickly than a kid with cold fingers and toes, it can escalate things very quickly indeed! The essentials are good gloves, socks and goggles. The layers are also important because they can take them off with ease depending on the weather. A simple fleece with a water proof jacket is the best idea, lightweight but effective.


It’s School Time

There might be a few tears similar to the first day of school when you drop your kids off for their first ski lesson, but we all know that will end in a few minutes. It is essential that the kids learn the basics so that you as a family can ski together more in the future. We find that dropping the kids off for a morning class and then going out together as a group in the afternoon is perfect – they’re always very keen to show off how much they’ve improved.