Tech Tips for Travelers

If you travel a ton, you already know that mixing travel and technology takes a special kind of technique to keep everything organized and chaos-free! When you travel, you often need to bring technology with you to stay in touch with friends and family, to work, do photography, or whatever else it is that you need. Carrying so much expensive equipment with you can be a little bit stressful unless you have the right know-how. And sometimes you end up dealing with problems accessing Wi-Fi, getting the right converters, and so forth! And then in the app world, there are so many great apps you can download to make your travels much easier. So if you’re new to traveling and wondering how to keep everything in line in your tech-world, read on for some great tips.

laptop travel

Back up your data

If you’re carrying around important data on your laptop or phone, it’s very important to back that up before you leave home. If your laptop is stolen during your travels, you could potentially lose tons of important information that you can’t get back. You can back up your data to an external hard drive, or you can store it on a cloud server. Check out for a great selection of external hard drives to keep your data safe. It just depends what feels the most secure for you.

Travel apps to make your life easier

Travel apps like TripIt can really help you out by keeping your travel plans and itineraries all in one place. This kind of app will alert you of your flight status and even let you check in online and show your phone instead of a boarding pass. Also don’t forget to use the Trip Advisor app while you’re traveling. This one is great for finding accommodation, restaurants and other places that are highly recommended. You can leave a review after you visit and tell about your experience as well.

Managing your chargers

Keep all of your chargers safe in one place when you’re traveling. One of the biggest hassles that many frequent travelers deal with is the constant tangle of cords from their phone, laptop, Kindle and camera chargers. Keep them all in a plastic bag so they won’t get ruined in your bag, and roll them up and clip them if possible. Also, keep in mind that you may need to buy converters for your chargers if you’re traveling abroad. You can get these in your home country, either an all-in-1 converter or the specific converter for the outlet you need. You can also purchase these converters when you arrive as a last resort.