Rebtel’s android app will blow you away!

I was blown away when I downloaded and started using the new android app from Rebtel, I thought it would be hard to beat my current app but oh, how wrong I was! Rebtel’s new android app is without doubt the best way for people to make international calls on their phone, it allows you to call

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Is A Refurbished Laptop Really Good Value?

As laptops are overtaking the desktop computer as the most popular choice of PC, an increasing number of people are looking to save money by opting for refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are devices that have been sent back within warranty for an imperfection, have been fixed by manufacturer

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Technically, It Is A Woman’s World

The perception in the realm of science appears to be that it’s jobs for the boys. Often the subject of women in the technological world is pitched at an angle that implies this is an unusual occurrence and should be viewed like a curiosity exhibit. History shows that there are significant female

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