A3 Printer Features That Every Buyer Should Be Familiar With

Printers come in all shapes and sizes although most people are only acquainted with normal sized printers. Individuals who are particularly keen about having a printer that they can utilize when they are printing ad materials and the like should go for a3 printer for office. Those who are into graphics and pictures would certainly love getting a printer that can cater to print outs which are larger than a4. However, there is more to these a3 printers than just producing colored print outs of paper which is larger than normal. Photo printing industries may be the target of these a3 printers but anyone could own them and use them for their specific needs. Nevertheless, a company which is into graphics and advertising is better off with this kind of machine. Irrespective of the purpose that you have in mind, you should know certain things that will make a difference should you decide that what you need is an a3 printer.

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Size: It is a known fact that when you are planning to get an a3 printer, you need to clean a lot of space on your desk because they are bigger than the usual printers. However, their bulky size is not much of a disadvantage as they are also capable of producing bigger prints compared to the normal a4 printer.

Engine: Printers can be just like cars in the sense that they have engines that power up the machine to keep up with your printing needs. In comparison to the a4 printer, a3 printers have more powerful engines, so they print quicker. Aside from that, you can print larger documents without encountering a lot of problems as they are specifically designed for large document printing.

Cartridge Replacement: When you have a printer, the cartridge usage is certainly an important factor that you have to consider in making a decision. A3 printers are quite advantageous in this category since your cartridge can last longer with this kind of machine. Maintenance for these printers is less than what is required for a4 printers and the toner have greater capacities with this machine.

Cartridge Slot: Cartridge slots are hard not to notice especially when you have a printer and one thing that you will immediately realize when you are shopping for an a3 printer is that there are more cartridge slots in each set. While most printers have 4 slots, a3 printers have 6 to 8 cartridges. This is due to the fact that you may need additional colors. Since a3 printers are usually bought by individuals who are into photo printing, this is a great thing as the images that they produce are of higher quality.

Additional features: Just like other printer types, there are also all in one a3 printers that is perfect for offices and those who transact a lot of businesses. However, there are some downsides when you are using an all in one a3 printer. For instance, even if there is a scanner, you may only be able to scan a4 documents. So, if you have to scan something which is bigger, you have to do it in halves. However, take note that this will differ from one printer to another.

These days, image production and photo printing are getting a lot of attention as more businesses that are engaged in these fields are increasing in number. Advertising companies also require machines that can keep up with the needs of their line of business. Whether you are a freelancer or the owner of a business, it is essential to know which kind of printer is best suited to the needs of your customers and your business as a whole.