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5 Reasons to Study Computer Science

Are you a techie geek? Do you spend most of your free time playing around with code, or taking apart computer systems and putting them back together? You might be a great candidate to study computer science at university. Computer science students are studying one of the most lucrative majors out there in this day and age, so what are you waiting for? Here are 5 great reasons to encourage you:

comp sci

Variety of Careers

With a degree in computer science, you can go down any number of paths after you graduate. There are so many different careers in the information technology industry, that it’s practically endless. Whether you want to build websites, develop new systems, work for a major company like Microsoft or go out on your own, you can make it happen with the skills you develop.

Direct Career Path

Unlike many majors, a computer science degree is often a direct entry into a well-paying job. Many companies hire students right out of school to start out as programmers. You can find a job in industry, the government, systems engineering, or even continue on for graduate education.

Well-Rounded Education

Studying computer science doesn’t only make you skilled with computers. The things you learn in this degree apply to many different subjects and areas of life. You can apply the skills you learn to fields like medicine, finance, business, advertising, consulting, and the list goes on. Technology skills are highly coveted and will always be relevant.

Enter a Developing Field

Talk about getting into a growing field! If you’re into the idea of breaking new ground with your career, computer science is the way to go. It’s the complete opposite of a field that’s already been fully tapped! You can be part of the vast discoveries being made in technology every single day.

Excellent Pay

With a computer science degree, you have the opportunity to make really as much money as you want. If you develop and hone your skills, you will be in very high demand with the very best of employers. You can go into business for yourself and charge clients whatever you want, because your work is very niche and your skills valued.